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The Language used to discuss the Department of Peace is critical.    Currently the language of the Legislation H.R. 808 is English (appropriate) but it could be translated into other dominant languages used in the U.S. for those who where English is their seond language.

With the "English Language" there are numerous subsets of the vocabulary used by different cultural/ethnic/political groups.   For example, the Legislation is currently written in a Subset of the English language called Liberal or Progressive.   As a result, those who prefer to use the Conservative Subset of the English vocabulary can barely read, understand and relate it to Legislation because the words do not relate to their value system, life experiences, etc. 

See Language


Mathematics of Peace

Mathematical symbolism can be used in a number of instances:
1) to generalize and represent recurring instances
2) to represent complex concepts

Overview of Mathematics for Peace

System Development Methodology

Complex situations involving many features are described as a "system."    Methodolgy has been developed to describe the system and how it is expected to function / operate. 
Simulation Simulation/ role playing is often used a teaching /learning tool.   It is can also be used for "testing" the function / performance of a system.  Creating a local model of the Department of Peace and simulating how it might operate,   serves two purposes:
1) those involved in the sijmulation learn more about the DoPN,
2) how well the participants are able to accomplish the goals/objectives of the mock DoPN provide insight into how well the actual DoPN will perform.