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Conflict Mapping Tool.  

 Another consideration for the Campaign is an analysis tool for "conflict" situations. Conflict mapping is a term used to describe the process of developing a "conflict management" program for a complex conflict situation.  The passage of this legislation can be considered as a complex conflict situation involving many stakeholders - including of course the two dominant political parties.    A Conflict Map is a detailed list of items to consider when managing a complex conflict situation.  Researchers have developed numerous conflict management strategies.  A compilation of strategies of several well known experts was published by L. Shay  Bright and has been adapted for use here.   Ms. Bright's "Map" identifies six basic areas of emphasis:

The first five categories might be considered as a detailed "analysis" of the conflict situation
1) Characterize the Parties (People) involved in the Conflict
2) Assess the History of the Conflict
3) Characterize the Context of the Conflict
4) Assess the Orientation / Attitudes of the Parties involved
5) Understand the dynamics of the Conflict,

The sixth category uses the background information from 1-5 to:   
6) Develop and Implement a Conflict Intervention Program designed to reach a constructive outcome.


These activities are described in further detail and presented in an "expandable" outline format as an online Conflict Mapping Tool

Conflict Map

There are over 300 tasks identified in this particular Conflict Map.  Each activity is stored in a Microsoft Access database.    A collaborative "Tool" simply accesses the database, displays the detailed tasks within a logical framework, and provides "fields" to document the results of the various Team members as they analyze the conflict and develop the intervention program.   Because the tasks are captured in a database, they can be easily transferred (imported) to project management planning and scheduling tools  (such as MS Project). 


It can be envisioned how online Conflict Mapping Tools could be developed (with appropriate password protection) and combined with commercial collaboration tools such as Macromedia Breeze™ or Microsoft NetMeeting™  and Project™ to assist members of large Conflict Intervention Programs. 

The above Conflict Map is provided for illustration purposes.   Each "expert" has her/his own unique approach, so there are probably as many "Conflict Maps" as there are practitioners.